July 15 - 30, 2022

An annual exhibition celebrating work made by Gallery 44 members.

Whether it be conveyance from one place to another, the passage of a celestial body across the field of a telescope, or the physical act of passing over, through, or across space, it’s no question that life is a state of constant transit, across space and time and fields of view. Some transitions have paused over the past two years, while others have taken new forms and directions. Subtle or drastic, welcomed or inflicted, transitions often catch us off guard—in moments least expected. As we chart courses through times marked by increasing uncertainty, insecurity and complexity, transit is both inevitable and unavoidable.

What is your transit?

Curated by Grace Wang


Travelling Through: Conversations with Elders

May 13 - 22, 2022

People travelled across mountains and oceans; Their memories travelled through days and years; Their stories travelled through generations and generations to come. As time flows by us ceaselessly, the stories of those who had lived through those moments in history may sooner or later be forgotten.

Asian Arts and Culture Trust (AACT) invites you to Travelling Through: Conversations with Elders, a group exhibition that features 15 artworks of various mediums created by 13 artists and 2 art collectives.

The artworks were conceived by a series of deep conversations between the artists and their elderly neighbours, friends, and family members, unfolding the elders’ lived experiences and nostalgic sentiments. The elders’ voices and stories flow through the themes of family, war, migration, interculturalism, and the sense of belonging, reminding us of our shared humanity. This exhibition encourages the viewers to initiate intergenerational dialogue, practice community care, and listen to the elders with their entire hearts.


Carnation Zine Presents Volume 2 - Pleasure

Carnation Zine: Artists and Writers Address Displacement and Diaspora

Volume 2 – Pleasure
9″ x 10.5″
116 pages
100lb gloss, full colour
Perfect binding

For our first themed volume, Pleasure, we have gathered artwork and texts by BIPOC creators demonstrating joy, desire, and intimacy. These are acts of defiance. They are acts of time travel; sentimentality; criticality. As responses to lived experiences of diaspora and displacement, these artworks and writings carve a space to ruminate, to return, and to lean into the sweet, erotic, and dissident undertones of what it means to extend oneself in the pursuit of pleasure.

Contributors: Adrienne Yeung, Bishara Elmi, Caitlin Taguibao, Cassandra “Chuck” Cochrane, Cheyenne Rain LeGrande ᑭᒥᐊᐧᐣ, Chiamaka Barbara Ukwuegbu, Cilla, Ekene Emeka-Maduka, Faith Paré, Florence Yee & Arezu Salamzadeh, Hagere Selam “shimby” Zegeye-Gebrehiwot, Hema Krueger Vyas, Janell Henry, Lacie Burning, Marissa Sean Cruz, Megan Wray, Nawang Tsomo, Nour Abi-Nakhoul, Nyda Kwasowsky, Olivia Klevorn, Preston Pavlis, Raiyan Syeda, Sabrina Sukhdeo, Steven Beckly, Vanessa Anakwudwabisayquay, Susan Cook, Whess Harman, Wren Tian-Morris 天琳琳, Yaimel Lopez.

Foreword address: Jas M. Morgan

Copy editor: Juilee Raje

Editors: Christina Hajjar, Luther Konadu, and Mariana Muñoz Gomez


Photography is Hard

August 7 - September 25, 2021

Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present Photography is Hard, featuring works by Steven Beckly, Nadia Belerique, Shannon Bool, Chris Curreri and Elizabeth Zvonar.

This exhibition brings together works that bear evidence of their making: a photograph is rephotographed, a camera part ends up in the frame, a subject is illuminated by an artificial flash, collaged images reveal their artifice through their construction. But in an exhibition that is seemingly about the mechanics of a medium, the body presses in. The body haunts. In the works on view, bodies merge with their surroundings: the studio, public architecture, domestic interiors. Sometimes fleshy and sometimes devoid of flesh entirely, they are reflections and shadows and outlines, and they are also devices through which to see other things.


Gallery TPW Launches Silver Editions 2021

Gallery TPW is delighted to launch the 15th anniversary of Silver Editions. To mark this special occasion, this year’s portfolio features an exciting collection of four works by Steven Beckly, Jason de Haan, Brendan George Ko and Isabel M. Martínez. Each artwork has been selected in collaboration between the artists and Gallery TPW to spark joy and curiosity.

Silver Editions provides art lovers and collectors alike with a rare opportunity to acquire a set of affordable, carefully curated prints. Sales from Silver Editions have an immediate impact at Gallery TPW, supporting our charitable mandate of exhibiting underrepresented artistic and curatorial practices that push the boundaries of lens-based work.