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Travelling Through: Conversations with Elders

May 13 - 22, 2022

People travelled across mountains and oceans; Their memories travelled through days and years; Their stories travelled through generations and generations to come. As time flows by us ceaselessly, the stories of those who had lived through those moments in history may sooner or later be forgotten.

Asian Arts and Culture Trust (AACT) invites you to Travelling Through: Conversations with Elders, a group exhibition that features 15 artworks of various mediums created by 13 artists and 2 art collectives.

The artworks were conceived by a series of deep conversations between the artists and their elderly neighbours, friends, and family members, unfolding the elders’ lived experiences and nostalgic sentiments. The elders’ voices and stories flow through the themes of family, war, migration, interculturalism, and the sense of belonging, reminding us of our shared humanity. This exhibition encourages the viewers to initiate intergenerational dialogue, practice community care, and listen to the elders with their entire hearts.